Building mechanic

The Mechanical and Energy Efficiency Division, created in April 2016, is mainly aimed at carrying out projects whose integration of components will ensure the performance and durability of the initial structure. The proposed solutions will be in harmony with the environment of the project building environment, always with a view to minimizing operating costs. Our

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Energy and electricity

Energy or more particularly electricity remains one of the public utility services recognized as very essential in the development of Haiti and the good functioning of the electricity grid is not limited to its supply by HRE. The citizen-client also has a role to play in maintaining the functional network. GENINOV is contributing to the

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Civil Engineering

CIVIL ENGINEERING Hard stuff in harmony with the environment  The civil engineering division is a leading service and solutions provider to public and private institutions. It is comprised of civil work, transportation (road and highway), municipal infrastructure and environment units. Whether it is for technical assistance or total responsibilities of your work, GENINOV is your

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Information technology

INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY Information technology: we know our stuff! GENINOV gained a prominent place in the IT field especially in the development of web applications and databases of various platforms. Our specialists have demonstrated their expertise in this important growing sector, both locally and internationally. The GENINOV’s IT team brings together professionals from different levels that

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Projets en cours


Découvrir SOLIIS

SOLIIS est un « Super Gateway » conçu spécialement pour les petites et moyennes entreprises (PME)

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Pourquoi choisir GENINOV ?

GENINOV est le partenaire de choix pour le client désireux de recevoir des services techniques en énergie électrique, technologie de l’information, génie civil et mécanique du bâtiment avec un bon rapport qualité coût. GENINOV est respectueuse de l’environnement et est orientée vers le développement durable. Elle préconise  donc des solutions technologiques qui demeurent conformes à ces valeurs, afin que l’ingénierie soit au service des générations présentes sans compromettre les générations futures.

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