Delivery and commissioning of the first solar power plant for the Haitian government by GENINOV Group

Port-au-Prince, Haiti – May 17, 2016 – GENINOV Group, a Canadian consulting engineering firm, with a subsidiary established in Haiti since 2009, has delivered to the Cellule Energie of the Ministry of Transport (MTPTC) of Haiti, the owner, his first complete solar system with a capacity of 100 kW to permanently illuminate the various places of Champ de Mars. The realization of this integrated high-tech system designed by GENINOV involves several renowned local and international actors.

Enersa, specialized in the design and implementation of photovoltaic infrastructure, served as the right arm in the building and installation of the required infrastructure. The solar panels provided by Yingli and other electrical accessories are secured on the roof of Ciné Triomphe with the help of specialized partners such as Greentec and Electrotech. The photovoltaic component consists of 336 modules of 305 W each, providing a total power of 102.5 kW, which will reduce the carbon footprint on the environment by 120 tonnes annually.
The solar panels are coupled to a containerized Intensium® Max 20E energy storage system, the latest generation of lithium-ion batteries powered by Saft, a world renowned company in design and manufacture of high technology batteries for industry. This facility will store the energy collected by the solar panels during periods of sunshine to power the entire Champ de Mars the day and night. The autonomy offered by this assembly is estimated at 38 hours.
The power conversion system (DRI-100) was provided by Princeton Power Systems, a US based company with global stature, specializing in the design and manufacture of technology products for energy storage and microgrid operations. Princeton Power Systems is represented in Haiti by Home Control, a GENINOV’s partner in the research and testing of alternative solutions. The integrated monitoring system EMOS (energy monitoring and operating system) provided also by Princeton allows to constantly monitor and control the installation and perform remote interventions in order to maintain a stable, optimal and efficient supply.
This pilot project was funded by the World Bank, which supports the actions of the Cellule Energie and Electricity of Haiti (EdH) to provide sustainable solutions to the major energy challenges of Haiti. To repeat Engineer Marc-André Chrysostome, coordinator of the Cellule Energie, "this is a first to be used as a testing center for the Cellule and EdH to assess the potential for development of microgrid renewable energy across the country". GENINOV and its partners - Enersa, Home Control, Greentec and Electrotech- want to express sincere thanks to the Cellule Energie and EdH for their trust and cooperation that enabled to highlight, among others, the abilities of Haitian firms with complementary diverse expertise to associate and teamwork for the realization of major projects.
GENINOV is a consulting engineering firm certified ISO 9001 that provides a range of services with the same commitment. Its other activities include: information technology, electricity and building mechanics, civil engineering and infrastructure, as well as the revision of operational processes. Excellence is the business card of GENINOV that fulfills its mission through a range of services with great quality and a philosophy of skills transfer in its areas of intervention.
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