GENINOV S.A.-Haiti was selected by TETRA TECH ARD as a subcontractor to carry out the mandate to study the rehabilitation works of the Ouanaminthe Bus Station.

The project to rehabilitate the Ouanaminthe Bus Station, a border town with the Dominican Republic, is part of the USAID LOKAL + Project. Ouanaminthe is a border town with the Dominican Republic and represents a compulsory crossing point between the departments of North and North-East of Haiti and the Dominican Republic. In addition, the sector is home to several major travel attractors, including: the Ouanaminthe-Dajabon bi-national market and the CODEVI free zone. The new bus station must be easy to access for vehicles and customers, provide a modern layout by providing a range of services, comply with standards and best practices (sufficient space, universal accessibility, signage, adequate, etc.).

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