Building mechanic

The Mechanical and Energy Efficiency Division, created in April 2016, is mainly aimed at carrying out projects whose integration of components will ensure the performance and durability of the initial structure. The proposed solutions will be in harmony with the environment of the project building environment, always with a view to minimizing operating costs.

Our expertise extends to all the services that can be found in a building in order to ensure its functionality as well as the comfort and safety of the occupants: plumbing, air conditioning, domestic hot water production, centralized (DDC), fire alarm, camera monitoring, access control, and more. Our solutions are adapted to the environment and the vocation of the facilities to be built (school, hospitals, public or private buildings, hotels, residences, etc.).

The services offered by GENINOV in this discipline are:

  • Drafting or validation of the Functional and Technical Plan (PFT);
  • Plans and specifications for tender and construction;
  • The revision and valorization of engineering concepts with the aim of reducing the costs of construction, operation and energy consumption;
  • Supervision of the work and management of the quality of the structures according to the norms in force and the recommendations of the manufacturers;
  • Accompaniment to take possession of the works;
  • Commissioning of installations.

Our expertise in facility management allows us to provide the following services without any reservation for any existing construction:

  • Implementation of preventive maintenance programs including: selection of the management tool, generic and exhaustive inventory taking, drafting of maintenance procedures and establishment of intervention frequencies, etc .;
  • « Commissioning », performance testing, conformity validation facilities;
  • Identification, analysis and resolution of operational problems;
  • Implementation of energy efficiency programs;
  • Consultation and punctual training in preventive maintenance;