Civil Engineering


Hard stuff in harmony with the environment 

The civil engineering division is a leading service and solutions provider to public and private institutions. It is comprised of civil work, transportation (road and highway), municipal infrastructure and environment units. Whether it is for technical assistance or total responsibilities of your work, GENINOV is your partner of choice to provide with the most appropriate solutions oriented towards sustainable development to benefit the community.

Our team brings together seasoned experts plus young, highly dynamic, talented and open-minded professionals, willing to take over. Depending on the complexity and size of the projects, GENINOV can count on a network of partners and consultants in the fields of civil engineering. Over the years, GENINOV stood out in the study of engineering work, in the design of plans and specifications, in project management and site supervision work.

Our expertise

  • Analysis, feasibility study and preliminary design
  • Study and preparation of plans, specifications, call for tenders for the construction of major works: road, bridge, building, urban infrastructure, water management, etc …
  • Impact assessment, value assessment of environmental projects
  • Project management, coordination and supervision of site works
  • Improvement, rehabilitation and enhancement of existing facilities to standards
  • Master plans for drinking water
  • Underground integration of utilities (electricity, gas, telecoms).