Energy and electricity

Energy or more particularly electricity remains one of the public utility services recognized as very essential in the development of Haiti and the good functioning of the electricity grid is not limited to its supply by HRE. The citizen-client also has a role to play in maintaining the functional network. GENINOV is contributing to the improvement of the HRE network by putting its expertise at the service of customers concerned about the proper functioning of their own network and electrical equipment. It provides basic technical services and specializes in building electricity, integration and prevention.

The services offered by GENINOV in this discipline are:


  • Planning, design, installation and commissioning of electrical distribution systems;
  • Study, design and installation of renewable energy systems (eco-energy);
  • Construction plan and specifications;
  • Coordination analysis and increased energy efficiency;
  • Study of short-circuit currents;
  • Elimination of harmonic current;
  • Grounding;
  • Construction site supervision;


  • Power and power distribution system for computer room and server room;
  • Structured wiring;
  • Remote monitoring system
  • Intrusion alarm system;
  • Improvement of network infrastructure;
  • Home automation and building automation (centralized management of a residence or a building using network applications … from a smart phone)


  • Inspection;
  • Seismic study of the apparatus;
  • Current / voltage readings;
  • Individual protection equipment;
  • Training on electrical safety.