Research & Development

The competitiveness in a globalized world depends largely on the ability of an enterprise to innovate in order to respond better to the needs of its clients. However, not every single organization has the capability to set up an internal structure specifically dedicated to research and innovation. This is the reason that GENINOV put in place a division leaded by a doctoral research graduate and dedicated to bring innovation in its products and services, and to respond to the needs of its partners and clients.

The R&D division of GENINOV is consistent with its motto "Innovation in engineering" in order to remain at the cutting edge of technology. The Services offered by the R&D division range the generation of new ideas and new approaches to address complex problems, to the development of innovative methods and tools to solving these problems. Specifically, the R&D division of GENINOV is able to:

  • accompany the client in his quest for understanding and analyzing issues of concern
  • develop prototype solutions for customers seeking to develop a new product or a new service
  • conduct technical and commercial evaluation of technologies, equipment and software before and during their introduction to the market
  • prepare statements of art that can take stock of the progress of scientific and technical knowledge on issues of interest to the client, by conducting literature reviews and analysis of existing or pending patents
  • write technical documents required for patent or grant application.