Telecom and Networking

Innovation, excellence and quality of services are central to our vision

The words of Internet and IT security are now on everyone's conversation. Individuals and businesses are concerned and are constantly looking for the ideal solution for communication while protecting themselves from external threats. At GENINOV we are committed to design and implement innovative solutions to respond quickly to customer needs. GENINOV is positioned itself to become a world leader in communication and network security. With its expertise in spanning IP, optical and wireless Internet, GENINOV intends to redefine the economic aspects and the quality of networking towards a new era of collaboration, communications and commerce.

Our Telecoms and Networks division consists of a team of experienced engineers and professionals in different areas of the telecommunications industry. Our proven expertise enables us to carry out projects in all areas of telecom, whether fiber, microwave, satellite, wireless, etc. In an industry in constant evolution, GENINOV proves to be the ideal partner to help clients built their networks with appropriate performance and security.




  • Engineering design and network planning
  • Cable networks and data centers (Data Center)
  • IP telephony, video and collaboration tools
  • Wireless networks (WLAN Indoor, Outdoor WLAN)
  • Comprehensive and detailed architecture, addressing plan
  • Design, installation, commissioning and management of local area networks.
  • Réseaux sans-fil (Indoor WLAN, Outdoor WLAN);
  • Architecture globale et détaillée, plan d'adressage;
  • Conception, déploiement, installation, mise en service et gestion de réseaux locaux d'entreprise.



  • Microwave transmission networks
  • Data transmission networks
  • Cellular networks
  • Fiber optic, wireless networks
  • WiMax, WiFi, IP and MPLS networks
  • Customized enterprise solutions and network management.



  • Security audit: IT architecture analysis, penetration testing, social engineering test
  • Creation and evaluation of security policy
  • Business continuity plan (BCP)
  • Cybercrime investigation
  • Staff training and safety awareness.