Vision and Values


Our vision

GENINGENINOV is positioning itself to become a world leader in the provision of engineering services in the areas targeted. To achieve this, it has developed a strategy which focuses on main axes:

  • Building a critical mass of experienced engineers, organized into a community of knowledge and shared values in order to adequately address customer’s requirements, to respond to technological challenges and to contribute to socio-economic development of countries where we operate;
  • Promoting a systematic practice to accompany our young engineers by providing them with not only technical and functional skills, but also with a range of personal and interpersonal skills to help them deploying their full potential within the company.

Our mission

GENINOV’s mission is to create wealth and quality jobs in the fields of engineering and technology so as to represent a model of economic success based on innovation in the practice of engineering, on corporate integrity and good governance. The group carries out this mission by focusing on quality and excellence in service delivery.

Our values

Our actions and approaches are guided by a number of corporate values that include:

  • honesty, integrity and ethics
  • win-win principles in transactions with our clients and partners
  • protection of the environment
  • bias for sustainable development
  • good corporate citizen
  • allocation of a portion of the profits to social causes.