GENINOV is a leading supplier of the « Commission des services électriques de Montréal » (CSEM) for the Supervision of Civil Works for Intermediate Projects of Construction or Modifications to the Underground conduit (Electrical and Telecommunications) within the limits of the city of Montreal.

GENINOV’s staff work on a number of projects and receive praise and satisfaction from both the CSEM client and the contractors.

Some projects in progress:

  • Wellington Street between May and Dublin Street
  • Bishop Street between Ste Catherine and René Levesque
  • St Denis and St Grégoire Intersection
  • Ch. Cote des neiges between street Gage and av. Cedar
  • Prince Arthur Street between St. Laurent Blvd and Laval street
  • Peel Street between Ottawa Street and Notre Dame Street
  • Young Street between Ottawa and William
  • Delorimier Street in Logan and Maisonneuve
  • Wellington Street between Duke and Queen

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