Emergency program design studies in response to Hurricane Matthew

The GENINOV-WSP Canada Group has been awarded the mandate of the design study for road infrastructures in Haiti that were affected by the Hurricane Matthew in early October 2016. This technical mission financed by the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) aims to achieve activities in different regions of the south of the country to assess the work needed to repair infrastructure damage (including drainage systems, engineering structures, bridges, etc.), estimate types of intervention, the effort required and the costs.

As this is an emergency response, this means that the group will have to rely on a sufficient technical staff to do the field surveys and office studies simultaneously. Activities include:

  • Prioritization of predefined works
  • Diagnosis of the current situation;
  • Description of problems and damages identified;
  • Size and location of the emergency response;
  • Selection and recommendation of the optimal alternative design;
  • Integration of the scope of work according to the concept of rehabilitation of the network;
  • Study of the construction feasibility for a maximum of eight months for completion.
  • Development of pre-project and execution studies;
  • Preparation of tender documents (DAO) of the works

The team of the Group is already on the field to make field surveying and the diagnosis of the current situation.

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