The GENINOV Group Inc., hereinafter GENINOV, is a multidisciplinary engineering firm specialized in system design, development and integration. It also offers consulting services in well-defined niches. Its fields of activity include: information and communication technologies, civil engineering and infrastructure, electricity, renewable energies and building mechanics. It was created in September 2007 by a group of engineers, each with a long experience of more than 25 years in the profession.

GENINOV has established itself in Haiti since 2009 with the creation of its GENINOV SA subsidiary, whose mission is to create wealth and quality jobs in the country, so as to represent – through corporate integrity and Good governance – a model of economic success based on innovation in engineering practice.

In its business model, GENINOV promotes the establishment of long-term relationships with its customers. These relationships are based on the excellence of the services rendered, the competence and integrity of its professionals, the harmonious collaboration with the clients, the commitment and the sense of responsibility of its leaders. GENINOV makes excellence in its business card and fulfills its mission thanks to a quality service offering and a philosophy of transferring skills in its fields of intervention. By capitalizing on the project management capability, technical expertise and commitment of its staff to its customers, GENINOV gains the trust of these by offering world-class services.

GENINOV is certified ISO 9001 by the Bureau des normes du Québec (BNQ).

What about SOLIIS

SOLIIS is an integrated and secure IT solution, developed by GENINOV.